Hey there. Great you landed here. Long things short, here are some details for the photo competition of ISSUE I:

As we would love to see your interpratation of a photo story, we don’t want to give you a specific topic or any other form of limitation. The magazine will develop with each and every contribution and we want to keep it this way. It’s pretty simple: 

Just tell a story you think needs to be told!

There a a few things to keep in mind:

  • digital or analog photography possible (if analog, scans should have a size of 3000 x 2000pixel andscape or 2000 x 3000pixel portrait
  • a selection of >10 photos will make the story design and layout a lot easier
  • photos must have at least 12MP (300dpi)
  • keep in mind that the magazine format is 1×1 and for layout purposes, the subject sometimes needs to be out of center (see image 1)

!  don’t put yourself in danger and have a good time shooting !


250$ cash

photo series printed in 48/17 ISSUE II


Photography itself is great for storytelling. If there are things that people should potentially read about the photo/story/person/… you should definately let us know.

For your data transfer we recommend to use WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar tools.

SEND A MAIL with your name, media link and thoughts to:

Massive thanks to VECHTER BIKES and FTW Crew for the prizes!

deadline: 15.04.2022 12:00 MET