Print is dead. You may have heard this before. So, does this world really need a printed magazine for fixed gear culture?

On the other side, though, how many Instagram posts do we need to satisfy our hunger for consumption?

This magazine is a new platform dedicated to people of a very creative, self-organised and diverse environment. Small brands, workshops, groups, or individuals who share the same passion: fixed gears. This community thrives from these people and their stories. We are certainly not free of capitalist values. But we are outstanding at taking a stand and encouraging the issues that are important to us. With this magazine, we would like to give this spirit a home. One that can still be taken from the shelf and be remembered for many years. We want to offer photos and stories an adequate space and stimulate thoughts – rather than being swiped away. Publishing a printed magazine nowadays takes a lot of work and awareness. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this first issue. There would be nothing but blank pages without you.  

48/17 is intended to give all this community’s creative people the opportunity to shape a printed format and receive a fair pyment for their contribution. We are more than curious to see how this magazine will develop and look forward to a creative exchange with you.

Does this world need a printed magazine for fixed gear culture? Absolutely!

 Don’t you agree?